Hirth Family Office

The Hirth Family Office is a fusion of the “Old World” with the “New World.”


Emanuel “Mike” Hirth came with his parents to the USA as a Holocaust Survivor, in the latter part of the 1940’s. He took over a failing poultry farm in Southeastern Connecticut. Along with his parents and then his wife, Ann Hirth, who joined him a few years later, they worked tirelessly to reestablish the farm.  During this time, Mike was also a member of the Central Connecticut Farmer’s Co-op.  In 1959 he was appointed temporary General Manager of “the Co-op.”  From 1960 until 1998, Mike Hirth built “the Co-op” into an internationally recognized feed mill and egg clearing house.  He served on numerous local, state, regional and national boards and committees and was a Presidential Appointee on numerous national agricultural committees from the Nixon Administration until the end of the first Clinton Administration.

Along with his wife and partner, Ann, their prudent investments in agriculture and real estate with his cousin, Jona Goldrich, and other public and private investments, the family prospered.

In the late 1990’s Steven H. Hirth, merged his experience and assets from a successful career in Europe as a private banker to create with his parents, Mike and Ann, The Hirth Family Office. Today, The Hirth Family Office continues to sustain and secure the family’s goals, values and commitments, while co-investing with partners, established and new, both domestically and internationally.